Using Zoom for online meetings

Guide produced by John Howes in connection with use by Malvern U3A.

April/August 2020, updated for Zoom version 5.2

Contents – Part One

Separate web sections:

In pdf format on the U3A page:

Part Two: Hosting for setting up and managing meetings. Part Three: Presenting and Share Screen.

Introduction and support

Zoom is video conferencing software (program or app), not that different in principle to FaceTime or Skype but much better designed for multi-user meetings.

Version 5 of Zoom is now required, due to significant security upgrades. See ‘Tweaking Settings’ (Getting more from Zoom) to find your version.

To get the most from Zoom for U3A meetings, a desktop or laptop computer is best. Tablets and smartphones work fine for basic use too, but some models may have limitations and video use can rapidly run down the battery.

These notes cover various possible devices, so please ignore anything not relevant to you. You probably only really need the ‘quick start’ section. Do note that program/app design (e.g. arrangements and wording of buttons, menus) can change slightly as new versions come out.

The guide is based on experience using a Zoom free licence on Windows 10 laptop plus Android tablet and smartphone (Android versions 6 and 9) – it may not pick up on particular quirks elsewhere or paid-for extras. Do send requests for clarification or help to John Howes – use the contact form, or via email if you have his address. Don’t forget to provide an email address for reply, and info on your computer model. Suggestions for improvements also welcome.

This style of guide may not suit everybody. Other options include:

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