A photogenic side to bookkeeping

A large chunk of my working life, and some voluntary time too, has been around charity finance, with a focus on Lambeth and Southwark community and housing groups followed by senior roles at a couple of national charities. This seemed like quite a natural evolution from my first ‘regular’ bookkeeping work in 1984 {1} with… Continue reading A photogenic side to bookkeeping

Switching off

Final version of VolResource front page

It’s finally time to move the first website I created into full retirement after almost 25 years {1}. VolResource was designed to provide an easy source of useful, practical information for the voluntary sector – charities, community and campaigning groups etc – without having to wade through loads of unnecessary verbiage or promotional material. At… Continue reading Switching off

A Bicycle Beano bonanza

You wouldn’t guess it from this website, but I like to think that I’m not that into nostalgia. However, recently various conversations {2} have led to trying to remember when I first/last went to a particular place on cycling holidays with Bicycle Beano {3}. Many of these were as a helper/crew member, so some might… Continue reading A Bicycle Beano bonanza

Glastonbury 40th

It’s 40 years since my one and only visit to Glastonbury Festival in 1982, travelling from Lambeth Walk in Rob’s yellow VW Transporter. I remember enjoying performances from Jackson Browne, Judy Tzuke, The Chieftains all from close to the stage, while only taking Van Morrison in from a distance as I’d been put off by… Continue reading Glastonbury 40th

Digitising the 1980s

Working through old community newspaper images held in Southwark Archives for the SE1 Stories exhibition inevitably got me looking at my own photographic archive from the 1980s. This consists of around a thousand black and white negatives neatly filed away, a smattering of prints (some now fading away) plus half a dozen processed colour films.… Continue reading Digitising the 1980s