LCC Sunday rides

For many years LCC had a regular programme of train assisted rides, meeting early Sunday morning at a central London station for an excursion to the countryside. I organised these for a total of 7 years, with a reliable bunch of ride leaders (some of whom then took a turn at organising the calendar) and a varying range of participants.

It was rare that I took a camera along, so these are from other sources. Credited where known!

John, Charlotte, Mike’s legs. Photo credit Felix O.
Maria, Geoff, Mike, Glenda, John S, John H, Gilly. Photo Martin D.
Slightly muddy off-road detour, not quite up to usual standards.

Long summer ride to Stonehenge. At the stones: John H, Sarah, Roger, Kay, John S. Photos Dave N.

Yours truly gets his hands dirty while Geoff T supervises. Photo Dave N.


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