Early London cycle campaign

Press release 1975

Wow, that old Friends of the Earth logo! Press release from 1975 about national FoE cycling event, plus new report and guide from local Greenwich group. Great to see a mention of the ‘tetra cycle’ created at Crown Woods School (Andrew Davis is the name that springs to mind there, but could be wrong.)

Cycling Meantime, a cyclist’s guide to the borough, 1975. Lovely design, triangle traced from a quarter size snooker accessory!

First public meeting of ‘Greenwich Cyclists Action Group’ wasn’t until January 1977. It was effectively a sub-group of the Greenwich FoE and one of the original LCC local groups.

London Cycling Campaign’s first magazine – more of a newsletter at this stage. LCC was officially launched with a commuter race, one wet weekday in September 1978. The organisation had actually emerged at the end of ’77, with first individual memberships taken spring ’78.

LCC’s first direct action, Albert Gate cycle route, December 1978.

At a Waterloo community street fair (Lower Marsh), early 80s?

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