There are two parts to this page:

1. Guides created by John Howes to help with using Zoom for ‘remote’ Malvern U3A meetings, particularly aimed at (but not limited to) the family history group. New Sep. 2020: a few thoughts on the process of producing a new Powerpoint presentation.

2. And underneath the guides, there’s the latest information on family history group online meetings, plus copies of slides and/or links to video recordings for earlier Zoom sessions.

Zoom Guides

Note: you now need version 5 of Zoom, which has security improvements. If you haven’t used the software recently, there be a ‘forced upgrade’ when next joining a meeting.

Guides are available below in pdf format for download and printing. Part One (user starter) also now in web format (but not quite fully done).

Zoom user guide

John’s quick start guide to using Zoom – part 1. As well as the first few quick start pages, there is optional info on features such as ‘Chat’ and virtual backgrounds, plus suggested settings/preferences to check or tweak.

Size: 600KB
Version: pdf

If you want to go beyond simply attending meetings, check out the following:

Zoom host guide

John’s guide to Zoom hosting (part 2). Setting up and running meetings, managing participants. 4 pages.

Size: 350KB
Version: pdf
Zoom presenting guide

John’s user guide (part 3) for presenters, including Zoom’s Share Screen feature. Four pages.

Size: 350KB
Version: pdf
Presentation production

For anyone thinking of doing their own talk to the family history group, here’s a quick overview of my own approach to producing a new Powerpoint presentation.

Size: 80KB
Version: pdf

Malvern U3A family history

Online meetings

Group meet-ups use the popular Zoom program/app – user guides above. Get the full 2020/21 group schedule, updated October, from Malvern U3A website – the pdf link is towards the bottom of that page.

Our next meeting slot is Tuesday 8th December at 10am – you can join from a few minutes before. The link stays the same – and will appear here on the day (but not before for security).

  • 8th December: Fallen arches – looking at places which have disappeared or changed beyond recognition (John). Followed by a seasonal quiz (Gwen).
  • 2021, 12th January: Boatmen on the rivers and canals (Gwen).
  • 26th January: Fashion session using members’ images and other resources (Gwen).
  • 9th February: Family tree software -Family Treee Maker, My Family Tree and Roots Magic (John H, Gwen, John S). Hopefully including live demos of key features.

There is 40 minutes limit for free use of Zoom, so we can take a refreshment break at that point and come back 10 minutes later – using the same link.

Use this link to John’s contact form if you need any help with downloads, links, or Zoom.

Other online events

Some virtual exhibitions, conferences worth checking out, free unless otherwise stated:

Videos, slides from sessions:

Note that Gwen has notes available for many of the meetings.

All at sea with the Smith family

13th October: From trepidation to learning to love ‘my’ John Smith. Researching common surnames can be fun! And finding a maritime family. Recording availale on YouTube: Part One (27 minutes) up to the break. Part Two (22 minutes) with research conclusions and 20th century mariners. Plus comments on Jodie’s Whittaker’s WDYTYA programme – the magazine with the same name has a blog with show run down and useful resources.

Filing and preserving, digital and physical

8th September session: How to manage your records; plus how snipping/screen capture works. As promised, below is a summary of computer programs of interest. Email Gwen for her notes on preserving old documents, photographs and recordings/items.

Genealogy Software

Basic info on main software choices for family history research or genealogy database. Compiled August/September 2020.

Size: 100KB
Version: pdf
Keeping things in order

John’s complete slide set. Includes extras on accessing digital records at National Archives for free (while COVID restrictions are in place), Genealogical Proof Standard (as sort of mentioned re aiming your research to be ‘definitive’).

Size: 1MB
Version: pdf

Genealogy Websites

The two Zoom meetings on 11th and 25th August looked at the main genealogy websites, further useful sites, processing gedcom (transfer) files, adding colour to black and white images.

Videos on YouTube:

Genealogy websites – slides

The full slide set prepared for 11th August 2020. Includes info on site subscription levels and rates, website addresses and some added notes.

Size: 1MB
Version: pdf
More genealogy websites

Full slide set prepared for 25th August 2020. Includes all web links with an added assortment from John. Colourising old photos, processing gedcoms, plus extra list on computer programs which handle gedcoms.

Size: 750KB
Version: pdf

Please get in touch if you want a copy of the recent round-up of which Parish Registers are online, where.

Ask the Panel

Link to part one, YouTube video of Ask the Panel, 14th July 2020. Link for part two – alternatively click on the “information card” (‘i’ in a circle ⓘ) which shows in part one, or the video link at the end.

Creating a family history book

Featured software CEWE Creater Software

Gwen’s presentation on 23rd June was recorded for those unable to attend. In two sections – the chat at the end of part 2 has been taken off for privacy and file size! If there are any problems please use the contact form.

View on YouTube (private link). Click on the video link at the end of first part to see the second.

Independence struggle hits inventing business

This presentation, 26 May 2020, was recorded largely to enable relations of Theo D. Farrall to view. Available on request (a private YouTube link).

A Ghastly Story

First shown November 2017, an updated and cut down version was presented online for the 14th April 2020 session. A pdf copy of the presentation slides (5.7MB) is available on request or see more info on John’s family history website Cutlock & Co.