Guides created by John Howes in connection with using Zoom to run Malvern U3A meetings, particularly aimed at (but not limited to) the family history group. And on this page underneath the guides, there’s the latest information on online meetings for the family history group.

Note: Zoom software update to Version 5 was released 27th April, with security improvements and some minor visual changes. Version 5 will be needed for all Zoom use from the end of May 2020.

Zoom user guide

John’s ‘quick start’ guide to using Zoom. This also includes optional info on features such as ‘Chat’, virtual backgrounds, plus suggested settings/preferences to tweak.

Size: 600KB
Version: pdf

For those wanting to go beyond simply attending meetings, there are separate documents about presenting to a live meeting, or setting up your own (hosting).

Zoom presenting guide

John’s user guide for presenters, including Zoom’s Share Screen feature.

Size: 300KB
Version: pdf
Zoom host guide

John’s guide to Zoom hosting – on setting up and running meetings, managing participants.

Size: 350KB
Version: pdf

Malvern U3A family history

Online meetings

John Howes, who has run Basic Computer Skills sessions for U3A, is enabling family history group meet ups using the popular Zoom program/app. We have also decided to carry on over the usual summer break period.

Our next meeting slot is Tuesday 9th June at 10am – you can join from a few minutes before. The link stays the same – and will appear here on the day (not before for security).

  • 9th June: One name studies.
  • 23rd June: Creating a book for family history.
  • 14th July: ‘Ask the panel’ – your questions answered (delayed session).
  • 28th July: Criminals in the family – using court, quarter sessions and newspapers.
  • August 11th and 25th: looking at family history/genealogy websites – the main popular ones and your favourite less well-known but useful sites. Please submit suggestions for the latter via the contact form, or email Gwen or John.

The normal 40 minute for free use is back in force, so we can take a refreshment break at this point, and come back 10 minutes later. Due to the time limit, which counts from the first person joining the meeting, the meeting place will be opened up by the host (John) just a few minutes before 10am.

Please do use this link to John’s contact form if you need any help getting Zoom up and running. Check the ‘quick start’ pages in the user guide above, too.

Independence struggle hits inventing business

Presentation was recorded to enable relations of Theo D. Farrall to view. Download the video files below.

Independence v inventing

Presentation of ‘Independence struggle hits the inventing business’, online 26 May 2020. Up to the break (the main part), approximately 30 minutes.

Size: 42MB
Version: mp4
Independence v inventing part 2

After the break, approx. 15 minutes. More on the family and connections. See pdf for ‘missing graphic’ to explain the relationship discussed right at the end.

Size: 36MB
Version: mp4
Emma Baldwin’s aunt or cousin?

Pdf showing the relationship between Emma Baldwin and Ann Heath nee Beech.

Size: 69KB
Version: pdf

Also currently available via Dropbox – you don’t need an account to watch the slides and commentary (just ignore the sign up boxes if you get them).

A Ghastly Story

First shown November 2017, an updated and cut down version was presented online for the 14th April session. A pdf copy of the presentation slides (5.7MB) is available on request or see more info on John’s family history website Cutlock & Co.

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