Digitising the 1980s

Working through old community newspaper images held in Southwark Archives for the SE1 Stories exhibition inevitably got me looking at my own photographic archive from the 1980s. This consists of around a thousand black and white negatives neatly filed away, a smattering of prints (some now fading away) plus half a dozen processed colour films.… Continue reading Digitising the 1980s

45 years of cycle campaigning

10th anniversary

I was wondering when it might be possible to claim 50 years as a cycle campaigner. The ‘Early London cycle campaign’ page suggests some involvement since at least the spring of 1975 – participating in a national rally and creating a report on, and guide to, cycling in the borough of Greenwich. I’m fairly sure… Continue reading 45 years of cycle campaigning

Early London cycle campaign

Wow, that old Friends of the Earth logo! Press release from 1975 about national FoE cycling event, plus new report and guide from local Greenwich group. Great to see a mention of the ‘tetra cycle’ created at Crown Woods School (Andrew Davis is the name that springs to mind there, but could be wrong.) Cycling… Continue reading Early London cycle campaign